Sometimes one simple change of decision can pave a whole new path of life for you.

For one Beanian, he decided to be his mentor's loyal toady to the very end and that it wasn't over until the Queen Bean sings!

Thus began a new chapter in this bean's life. The Bean n' Badge never came to be and the Dark Star was just a rumor never explored. The Mario Bros. and most everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom resumed their lives as they always did, but for Fawful, now a well-known and well-loved scientist, his life was now dedicated to the full revival of Cackletta the witch and his former mentor while behind the spotlight of the public, and continuing to serve the lost soul's every whim.

That is, until he becomes her next physical vessel!

"Immortal Fool" was a bunch of ideas from 2004-2005 concocted under the Superstar Saga canon bearing the question of "What if Cackletta took in her own minion since Bowser didn't work out?" Suddenly, I was reinspired to work on this again and began the comic in February 2010 on DeviantArt. I hope it keeps working out until the end.  The end of Chapter 4 would be the halfway point.   For fan canon/other information, see the general notes page.

Comic may go on occasional hiatuses as I am also working on an original title called Highly Experimental, but I do promise to get it done. I'm still saying this in November of 2020.

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