How DID he get here?
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Comic 149 - How DID he get here?
(24th Nov 2017, 8:23 PM)

Posted on 24th Nov 2017, 8:23 PM by Cammiluna (edit | delete)

These are definitely not her memories...
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Posted on 5th Jan 2018, 12:53 AM by ZGirl (edit | delete)

wonder who's memories they are?

I did a drawing of how Cackletta could get a body, it has to do with cloning the body of someone and then she uses the clone body instead that was made for her by Belome

I wonder if there is more to Cackletta's past, like maybe once she use to be the true princess of the kingdom until the Queen's great great like GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT grandmother or grandfather took over and gave the true princess which was once Cackletta a game over.

oh and happy new year, even though it has been a few days since it happen but hope you have a good 2018


Posted on 5th Jan 2018, 12:58 AM by ZGirl (edit | delete)

oh one more thing, forgot to say how she is still around if she got a game over, it's easy the same thing she did before when she made a certain king of koopa into a girl, she went from body to body for many years and even found one that looked how she did when she was still living and she made that her new body.
sorry if the theory is a little strange.


Posted on 5th Jan 2018, 2:24 PM by ZGirl (edit | delete)

I know this makes my third comment but I hope you don't mind me asking but here goes,

is it weird to ship E. Gadd with Captain Syrup?

I mean what do you think of that kind of ship?
oh and keep up the awesome job, make sure to take breaks though and try to relax.
by the way is it okay to draw fan art?
I mean if it was possible I would show you Lavako and Inkyhime, though they shouldn't be taken the wrong way and well if you ever see them over at deviantart I hope ya like them

but yeah what do you think of such a ship between Gadd and Syrup?
I mean there is a drawing of them kissing, and Fawful is in it too but
he is covering his eyes as he does not want to see them kissing

and he is yelling

it is over at the same place as
Inkyhime and Lavako.

well of course they are in different drawings

and well if Nav had sisters I would picture them being just like those two well maybe how they looked before and they wouldn't really be sisters but is a Inky Piranha Plant and the other is a Lava Piranha Plant.

of course in a way their reals names are Inky and Lava but I wanted to give them a little added to the names they have you know.

sorry talking too much, so yeah anyway you can tell me what you think of that weird ship I came up with when you can

and I hope the fan art is okay I mean I do give credit to you because some of the characters were inspired by your comic and well anyway I hope your doing okay and not overworking.

and I really hope you don't take my fan characters the wrong way, I tried my best on drawing them and well if you find them please leave a comment and tell me what you think, so I may know how you feel about them.

and I can tell you about one of them like Inky's outfit is a black dress with white dots all over which fits to the same color as the Inky Piranha Plant and plus that type is in the mario game and I didn't make them up.

sorry if I tend to talk too much, I try not to do that and at times I have a lot to say

though at times what I have to say at times does come out as a misunderstanding at times it would seem, but I'm trying to not let that happen or not let it happen too much, if like it happens anyway.

I'm not called 'ZGirl' over where my drawings that I talked about are, well I do have 'ZGirl' as another half of my name in another place where I write my fan fic and post it up,

wait will Nav be hearing this will she reply at some point?

does she think I'm weird?
tell her not to tell Fawfy about my new ship.XD


Posted on 5th Jan 2018, 2:39 PM by ZGirl (edit | delete)

okay forgot to say, that Lavako and Inkyhime are still OC but they are still canon at the same time sense they are still a Inky and Lava plants but still they are still members of the Lava and Inky families, even if they are still OC in way because of the names I gave them that is mixed with their species names.
and I really do hope fan art of oc are okay,
and sorry talking too much again, but seriously will Nav reply to my and everyone else's comments, that got me curious.
okay promise this is the last one, and I will wait to leave another comment on the next part of this awesome comic :)


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